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Servicing Clients Nationwide

We are a virtual business & tax law practice which allows us to provide top-tier services without those brick and mortar fees.

We Meet You Where You Are

We welcome you to browse how we partner with you in the business season you are in right now.

We’re Always a Part of the Conversation

Our legal subscriptions  allow us to always be a part of the conversation.  We partner with you and act as your Chief Legal Officer for a predictable monthly fee.

We Merge Analytical Skills with Creativity.

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Why Should You Hire Dobson Law?

We are a boutique law firm exclusively focused on business and tax strategy for the small business owner.

We understand that in business the need for predictability in fees (expenses) is paramount in budgeting and cash flow. Therefore, we exclusively provide flat fee and subscription services. From the inception of the Firm, we never embraced the traditional billable hour model.

It doesn't matter if you're new to business ownership or have years under your belt, we have services that meet you where you are on your ownership journey. We strive to provide proactive solutions from the beginning of our business relationship. We will also equip you with knowledge and the resources that will assist you in making wise and strategic business decisions that affect your assets, finances, taxes, entity structure and more throughout business ownership.

We believe in establishing lasting relationships with our clients. We have clients who have been with us since forming their company to now having employees and profiting up to six (6) figures plus. This allows us to adapt your tax strategy , business structure and wealth strategy to accommodate your business growth.

Skilled In Uncovering The Benefits Of Business Ownership

Business ownership unlocks benefits found in state and federal laws, especially the United States Tax Code. Your individual facts determine how these laws apply to you at the particular stage in your business ownership journey. More importantly, the longer you are not aware of these laws, these benefits that mostly impact your bottom line will be lost.

We have a thorough understanding of Tax and Business law. With exceptional legal skills, practical solutions, and professional integrity, Dobson Law works hard to help you get the best possible results.

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We have advised hundreds (and counting) of businesses nationwide for over 13 years. There is no need to handle these complex matters alone.  We take a proactive approach to educating you from the inception of our engagement no matter where you are in your business ownership journey.

Get the legal advice and counsel you need. Contact Dobson Law for a consultation.

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We Are Part of the Conversation

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Dobson Law is committed to answering your questions about business and tax law issues in Alabama, Georgia and throughout the United States.